Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A scooping activity - bowl of beans, a mini scoop, 3 containers with different sized openings (the yellow one was the same width as the scoop). He simply scooped beans into the containers, starting with the widest to the narrowest. Each container got a little more challanging!


Levi participated in a play, Cinderella! He auditioned for the show, got a part (as a villager) and proformed in the show with the rest of the cast (all much older kids/adults). He had a wonderful time, made some friends and did great up on stage! So proud of my little man!
Here he is dressed up in one of his costumes for the 'wedding scene' at the end of the play. (I made his costume of course!)

The Letter 'T'

Here Levi is doing a shape activity, I just traced popsicle sticks so he could match them up. We counted corners, and sides and compared the two shapes.
I also did a similar activity where I put colored dots on the end of the popsicle sticks, matching colors would make a shape!
Brushing teeth! We used an old toothbrush to brush 'teeth' to make them white and clean! We talked about WHY it is important to brush your teeth, and how to make sure to brush them all.

Outdoor time - we looked at all the different trees around our house, did some tree rubbings (which we later made into a little book), and pretended to be a tree!

Arts and crafts tree - popsicle stick for the trunk, strip of paper for the grass and crumpled tissue paper for leaves. Discussed the parts of a tree as well (he already knew them though)
Another activity Levi initiated was with his trains. He took my small ironing board and made a ramp to race them down. I found some poker chips that we used to mark where the trains landed, and compared different trains, and then different angles of the ramp. This kept him entertained for a looong time, but because he was using my ironing board I couldnt get much sewing done without it!

T is for:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Working with Real Tools

Levi learned how to use a hammer and screwdriver.
We got this peice of foam from a packaged mailed to us, and its perfect for him to practice using tools. I demonstrated what to do, and reminded him to watch his fingers and he hammered away! When he ran out of nails I taught him how to use the back of the hammer to remove them, which was even more challanging.
Later we used a screwdriver to put screws in. He ended up using the hammer method to remove the screws as well.
He did these activites multiple times over the week, until I got tired of picking up styrafoam bits and recycled it!

Mini Garden

We got a little garden kit that came with paints, seeds, little mushrooms/house, fairy, gems and a plastic tray (you could use one of those trays that go under potted plants to catch water). We planted the seeds and, like everything in Florida, they grew very fast.

It was an easy and fun project to make a little fairy garden!